About Us(Who are Iwasaki Publishing? Our company profile)

Iwasaki Publishing is a publishing house with a focus on books for children, established in 1934.

We publish long-seller picture books such as ‘The Tree of Courage’, ‘The Mountain of Flowers’, ‘Ding Dong!’ and ‘Fair, Then partly Piggy’ along with other popular titles such as ‘A Hare and Haru’, ‘Starving Wolf’ and ‘Big House and Small House’.

As part of our series of books for children, ‘Lula and Rara’ and ‘Little Witch Co. – Dress Remaking Shop’ are becoming popular.

We currently publish a wide range of materials aimed at children such as picture books, nursery tales, books, children’s literature, study materials for libraries and art books. There are currently about 2000 titles that we publish.

From April 2013 we are strengthening our overseas licensing business. In 2013 we saw a 314% increase in this area, and 2014 a 136% increase. We continue to increase the number of partner publishing houses overseas.