• Written by : Tooru Ooki
  • Illustratede by :
  • Ages : 7+ 10+
  • ISBN : 978-4-265-04295-1
  • Format : 216 x 154 mm
  • Extent : 144 pp
  • Publishing Date : January 2012
  • Rights sold : no
  • Categorise :
    Middle Grade


Learn about the life of wonder dog Tyroli, who was born a stray but grew up to be Japan’s first therapy dog. Poor Tyroli was about to be put to sleep as a stray dog before the author of this book took him in. Tyroli went on trainining as a therapy dog and was an ace student. He finished a 2 year course of training in only 6 months, perhaps in desparation of not wanting to be abandaned by people ever again. Tyroli spread joy to the hearts of many elderly and disabled people by providing warm and cheerful companionship for them. “Thank you Tyroli!” were what she was told by so many people who he inspred and couraged to go on living.
Even that Tyroli could not conquer cancer and passed away whie everybody wished him to stay in this world. He might no longer be here with us, but his legacy lives on. The new generation of therapy dogs in Japan work in areas devastated by earthquakes and tsunamis following his example. Tyroli’s life story of winning against adversity to spread joy and strength to live inspires readers live couragely. This book also helps educating readers on what it takes to nurse elderly people and how contribution to society can be done.